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Every time I look through my camera I see the whole world and every little thing a part of it in a whole new perspective… 

I love the colors in these photos. 

Life and Vanity.. 

A few things that define me-flowers that show the simple beauty I’m constantly surrounded with, coke and junk food which I can’t live without, and jewelry/makeup which I’m obsessed with oh and a little something to represent my love and passion for music :) 

Being alive for 22 years and being a woman I think it’s safe to say that I have a little bit of knowledge regarding girls/ladies and some of their behavioral patterns. As a psychology student I find myself observing a lot and kind of making mental notes on some of the behaviors I’ve seen. 

Here’s just a few of those behaviors and why I hate them so much. 

**Note: this is not a personal attack towards anybody nor is it directed to anybody in particular. They’re merely my thoughts/opinions. 

1. Girls, seriously need to chill out with their revealing photos. It’s not classy ladies, it’s more along the lines of trashy and desperate. Let me tell you something, when you put up a picture of yourself wearing almost close to nothing and your boobs/ass popping out then you’re going to get attention alright, but negative attention.

(Sidenote: No matter how much a girl tries to act as if she only wants a short term/uncommitted/laid back relationship, it’s BULL SHIT. EVERY GIRL, and i mean EVERY chick wants a guy who likes her for her and is generous (that’s not even getting into the marriage criteria).

The kind of attention you’re going to get when you put up pictures with your boobs about to pop out and your ass all over the place is the ‘I’D TAP THAT’ or ‘I’d have sex with her but would never see myself with her’ type attention. Do you really want that? Guys are guys, you can’t blame them-they’re going to always dick around with chicks who seem to be an easy target but at the end of the day they’re going to want to marry someone they can actually be with and talk to not just have sex with. **sidenote: when  you put up skanky/slutty pictures then that kind of tells the world that you’re easy** 

2. Where the hell has all the elegance and class gone? What has ever happened to ladies being classy not whores? You can still very much be sexy yet classy/sophisticated at the same time. Being trashy is not sexy ladies-it’s just…trashy and makes you seem desperate. Boost up your self-esteem and realize that sleeping with a bunch of guys should not be what you need to feel attractive/sexy. What you really need is to improve on  your self-esteem and realize that it’s not always about what’s on the outside but rather what’s on the inside. 

I’ve seen loads of beautiful women who have a great figure and super pretty but guys look at them and just think of how much they’d want to dick around with her because they know that even though they’re pretty on the outside they’re not that great of a person. If you’re beautiful on the inside then sure enough you’ll be just as radiant on the outside. (If a guy can’t see your true beauty for who you are, then you’re wasting your time with the wrong man..move on)

3. Instead of being vicious bitches towards each other, we should really be sticking together. Women suffer a lot in this world (not to sound like a feminist) but seriously, women are in danger of sexual assault, rape, sexual abuse etc etc. We should be helping each other out but instead we’re too busy being drama queens about such small issues. What is the big deal if some girl wears the same dress as you or gets the same hair cut as you a week later? BIG FUCKING DEAL— 

Rumors are nasty little things-girls need to stop spreading rumors about other girls just because they’re: 
a) jealous 
b) hate them 
c) pissed because their boyfriend or ex has feelings for them 
d) all of which equal JEALOUSY 

This really just shows that you’re too bored with your own life and are lame enough to butt into others and try to ruin it. Get over yourselves and do something with your life.

Now ladies, I’ve done quite a bit of bickering but it does not even come close to how much I have left to go on about. The point is, don’t try to become something you’re not for the wrong reasons. It’s possible that I may be wrong in some instances but could be that I am also right at the same time. Again, do not take this as a personal attack towards you but rather just an insight to how I see other women.

Just a few faces of people in my life that I find to be so beautiful-it just shows us that women of all sizes, color, shapes, and personality are beautiful in their own way. I just wish every girl would realize how beautiful and gorgeous they truly are. 

Beauty Madness!!!!!

Just a few things I find to be so beautiful in its simplest forms… 

Indian adornment (churiyan ‘bangles’ earings and payals ‘anklets’) The things I can’t seem to get enough of..  I find it to be more beautiful when women where these things simply- not all crazy with earings falling to their shoulder or necklaces covering their neck. Sometimes throwing on bangles with a pair of jhumkis is all that’s needed. 

The different colors of flowers continues to amaze me-I could spend all my life just capturing images of all the beautiful flowers around the world. 

Madhuri Dixit

my idol for as long as i’ve known bollywood… 

Here’s a little preview from the photoshoot of Rida Islam-Local Dallas musician! 

I personally enjoyed this shoot so much!! She’s full of so much energy and her personality is so much fun to shoot.  

The rest to come very soon.. 

Nature never fails to amaze me-it truly brings out the beauty and bliss in a world full of hate and anger. 

"I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in."  ~George Washington Carver

Oh how much I wish girls would realize that beauty is all about what’s on the inside not the outside… Looks will always fade away, your personality is what stays with you forever

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