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Navneet Kaur, owner and founder of Anup Photography, is just a woman with a camera and a dream set in mind. Anup Photography is all about having fun, being yourself, and capturing special moments.

This is a blog on what inspires me...
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Beauty Madness!!!!!

Just a few things I find to be so beautiful in its simplest forms… 

Indian adornment (churiyan ‘bangles’ earings and payals ‘anklets’) The things I can’t seem to get enough of..  I find it to be more beautiful when women where these things simply- not all crazy with earings falling to their shoulder or necklaces covering their neck. Sometimes throwing on bangles with a pair of jhumkis is all that’s needed. 

The different colors of flowers continues to amaze me-I could spend all my life just capturing images of all the beautiful flowers around the world.