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Navneet Kaur, owner and founder of Anup Photography, is just a woman with a camera and a dream set in mind. Anup Photography is all about having fun, being yourself, and capturing special moments.

This is a blog on what inspires me...
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This is what heaven in a jar looks like ;) (Taken with instagram)

A few photos from Austin, TX-a very fun and artsy place! Enjoyed it quite a bit!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Universal Studios  Orlando, FL 

Photos from two talented musical artists-Dj Sandhu and Deejay IDC! Take a look :) 

Just came back from an amazing mini vacation at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and was absolutely amazed by ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’-It’s so detailed and so identical to the movies. Take a look-more to come.. 

A few pictures from Pooja Amin’s Winter Photo shoot in Downtown Plano-Texas 


oh how much I love cupcakes-so delicious and so playful. Yummmm…

love this kundan set-love weddings, love love love

(via thedulhandiaries)


Rida Islam 

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Click here for Rida Islam’s fashion blog 

Every time I look through my camera I see the whole world and every little thing a part of it in a whole new perspective… 

I love the colors in these photos.